Mark R. Waterfill,

Attorney at Law, P.C.

A Capable Employment Attorney For Central Indiana

A Litigator With A Long History Of Success

Over his career, Mark R. Waterfill has handled over 100 bench trials and more than a dozen jury trials. He has argued appellate cases before the United States Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit, the Indiana Court Of Appeals and the Indiana Supreme Court. Mr. Waterfill is an aggressive and effective lawyer who finds creative solutions for his clients’ legal problems.

A Courtroom Problem Solver

Mark R. Waterfill has practiced law for over 30 years, with a particular focus on employment law for both businesses and employees. He assists people across Indiana from his Plainfield office.

Mr. Waterfill is a seasoned litigator who fights for clients at the negotiation table and in the courtroom. His practical approach to litigation gets favorable results without the cost and time investment of a trial. He also knows that sometimes trials are unavoidable and prepares every case for the courtroom. He strives to get the best possible outcomes his clients’ cases.

An Employment Law Attorney For Employees And Businesses

For over three decades, Mr. Waterfill has represented both individual cases and large class action lawsuits against employers. Indiana law allows employees who win their wage cases against employers to collect up to three times their wages in addition to legal fees. Mr. Waterfill represents employment law plaintiffs on a contingency fee basis. This means that workers will not pay attorney fees unless he obtains compensation for their case.

Mr. Waterfill is a business owner who personally understands state and federal business regulations. He has given countless seminars on hiring practices and employment law challenges. Mr. Waterfill not only assists corporations with their legal challenges, but also acts as a comprehensive consultant who can protect a business’s long-term interests.

Resolve Disputes With Mediation

Mediation allows opposing parties to work with a neutral mediator to settle their problems. With mediation, parties can avoid the expense and time involved in courtroom battles. Mr. Waterfill is a proven advocate who finds mutually beneficial solutions to problems in the mediation process. His Plainfield facilities give opposing parties a comfortable and neutral place for discussion.

Talk To An Accomplished Lawyer

The knowledge and experience of an attorney play a large role in the outcome of a case. Mark R. Waterfill, Attorney at Law, has a record of employment and litigation case results. Call 317-759-1162 or use the contact form to schedule a case evaluation.