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  • Why Your Non-Profit Needs An Employment Handbook And How To Draft One That Works
  • Why You Need An Employment Handbook And How To Draft One That Works
  • How To Fire An Employee
  • An Overview Of: The Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act
  • Domestic Violence In The Workplace
  • The Age Discrimination and Employment Act
  • The Family and Medical Leave Act
  • The Privacy Rule of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996
  • HIPAA Privacy Deadline Looms
  • New Law Promotes Settlement In Employment Discrimination Cases
  • New Rules Require Destruction of Employee Confidential Information
  • When Has An Employee Provided Sufficient Information to Trigger FMLA Rights?
  • Guns In The Workplace Versus Employer's Property Rights
  • Employer May HAVE to Provide Domestic Partner Benefits
  • Spyware and Adware: Is Your Company Protected?
  • FMLA: Friend or Foe?
  • "One Nation Under God - Does That Include The Workplace?"
  • Representing A Plaintiff Who Files Bankruptcy
  • Wage and Hour Update/Indiana Wage Liens/Indiana Wage Law Update
  • Employers Must Adapt To New Workplace Laws
  • When Has An Employee Provided Sufficient Information to Trigger FMLA Rights?
  • State Law Update for Sexual Harassment Seminar on Burlington and Faragher
  • Employment Aspects of the Americans With Disabilities Act
  • Sexual Harassment In The Workplace
  • Top 10 Mistakes In Employment Law
  • EEOC Sues Two Employers for Sexual Orientation Discrimination


  • 2013 U.S. Supreme Court Update
  • Appraisals, Discipline and Termination of Employees
  • Avoiding Improper Termination and Retaliation Against An Employee on FMLA Leave
  • Avoiding FMLA Retaliation Claims By Analyzing "What Went Wrong/What Went Right" in Six Real Life Case Scenarios
  • Be Careful What You Ask For (Surviving Discovery of ESI)
  • Best Practice In FMLA Administration
  • Best Practices In Managing Leave and Controlling Absenteeism
  • Best Practices to Help Effectively Administer FMLA Leave In Your Organization and Avoid Costly Mistakes
  • Clarifying Employer and Employee FMLA Notification Responsibilities to Prevent Costly Employer Mistakes
  • Compensation Issues Under Revised FLSA Regulations and Indiana Law
  • Dealing With The Most Discriminating Discipline and Discharge Decisions
  • Deciphering the New FLSA Exemptions and Critical Strategies for Handling New Wage and Hour Headaches
  • Defining and Conducting A Human Resources Audit
  • Demystifying Difficult FMLA Dilemmas That Continue To Plague Employers: Examining Recent Cases to Help Avoid the Legal Snares
  • Disciplining and Terminating Without Inviting A Lawsuit
  • Diversity Training and Sexual Harassment In The Workplace
  • EEOC Background Check: Perils and Problems
  • Emerging State & Federal Issues: Preparing For Future Employment Law Challenges
  • Employer's Responsibilities Under HIPAA
  • Employment Law Decisions of the 2003 Session of the U.S. Supreme Court
  • Employment Law From Application to Termination
  • Employment Law Training for the Smart Manager for the Indiana Department of Financial Institutions
  • Ensuring You Are Up To Date: What Proposed Changes and FMLA Interpretations Mean To Your Organization
  • Examining Recent Court Cases Interpreting Key FMLA Concepts To Ensure You Stay In Compliance
  • FLSA - Indiana Wage & Hour Laws: Proactive Compliance & Preventive Steps
  • FMLA, ADA and Workers' Compensation
  • FMLA Basics
  • FLSA/Wage & Hour Crackdown
  • General Overview of Our Nation's Employment Laws
  • HIPAA Revisions in the ARRA: Here We Go Again
  • HIPAA Privacy - The Human Resources Perspective
  • How Proposed Administrative and Legislative FMLA Changes Will Affect Your Organization
  • How To Fire
  • How To Prevent Discrimination Claims
  • Human Resources Law: What You Need To Know About Hiring/Recruiting
  • Interviewing and Hiring: Keeping Your Recruitment Strategies Legal
  • Keeping In Compliance With the Latest FMLA and State Leave Law Developments
  • Labor and Employment Law: Current Issues
  • Legal Aspects of the ADA, FMLA and HIPAA
  • Mastering the Essentials of the FLSA and State Wage and Hour Laws
  • Medical Records and Their Relation to Litigation
  • Minimizing the Administrative Headaches That Accompany Intermittent and Reduced Schedule Leave
  • Preventing FMLA Retaliation Claims: Lessons Learned From Recent Cases to Discover What Went Wrong And What Went Right
  • Preventing Mistakes In Designating FMLA Leave and Providing the Employee With Written Notification
  • Preventing Violence In The Workplace
  • Privacy Employment Issues in the Paperless Workplace
  • Real Evidence For The Trial Practitioner
  • Rule 65 - TROs and Injunctions
  • Safeguarding Managers & Supervisors - Including Yourself - Individual Liability for Violations of the FMLA
  • Sexual Harassment In The Workplace
  • Solutions To The Never-Ending FMLA Conundrums: Recent Legal Developments and Answers to Your Most Pressing Compliance Questions
  • Solving Complex Wage and Hour Problems
  • Successful Marketing For Associates
  • Termination Best Practices
  • The Fair Labor Standards Act: Executive, Administrative and Professional Exemptions
  • The FMLA Decision Tree
  • The Law and Psychology of the Workplace: Overview of Employment Laws
  • The Pre-Hiring Process
  • The Proper Payment of Wages In Indiana
  • The Tangled Web of the FMLA, ADA, Worker's Comp and Other Leave Laws: Pulling The Threads Apart
  • Trade Secrets, Covenants Not to Compete and Breach of Fiduciary Duty
  • Training Your Managers And Supervisors To Comply With the FMLA and Avoid Personal Liability
  • Understanding HIPAA
  • Untangling The Web of Overlapping Provisions of the FMLA, ADA, PDA and Workers' Comp and Anti-Discrimination Laws
  • Untangling The Confusing and Often Conflicting Web of Leave Laws: FMLA, ADA and Workers' Compensation
  • Update on New Developments in HIPAA and Employee Benefits Law: Ensuring That Your Organization Is In Compliance
  • Wage and Hour Developments
  • What Is HIPAA?
  • Workplace Harassment for Management/Supervisory Employees

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