An Accomplished Indiana Litigator

Litigation can be a costly and time-consuming process for both plaintiffs and defendants. Attorney Mark R. Waterfill helps individuals and businesses efficiently resolve their lawsuits. He finds creative solutions that maximize his clients’ compensation.

Mr. Waterfill has over 30 years of civil and commercial litigation experience. He has successfully handled more than 100 bench trials and over a dozen jury trials. He takes a results-oriented approach to litigation and works to get the best possible case outcomes. Call the firm now at 317-759-1162 to schedule a first meeting.

A Capable Civil Courtroom Lawyer

Mr. Waterfill represents both plaintiffs and defendants with breaches of contract, commission disputes and other civil litigation cases. He creates personalized and aggressive legal strategies for his clients’ cases. Mr. Waterfill is a compassionate advocate who guides clients through the process and provides honest appraisals of their most likely case outcomes.

Mr. Waterfill has a long history of representing securities fraud clients. These cases may lead to unexpected lawsuits for businesses and individuals. Mr. Waterfill litigates on behalf of securities fraud victims and defends clients accused of negligent actions.

Seasoned Commercial Litigation Counsel

Mr. Waterfill is a proven commercial litigator who has a thorough knowledge of Indiana business law. He knows the specific liabilities that can cause expensive problems for businesses.

Mr. Waterfill represents clients in a wide range of business disputes involving:

  • Corporate employment law
  • Contract disputes
  • Indiana’s Deceptive Consumer Sales Act
  • Indiana’s Uniform Trade Secrets Act
  • Buyer and seller disputes

Businesses and individuals often forget to file an insurance claim to cover damages. Mr. Waterfill reviews clients’ cases and helps them choose the best option for their situation. He fights insurance companies to make sure they fairly cover his clients’ claims.

An Experienced Mediator For Businesses And Individuals

Mr. Waterfill offers mediation services to people interested in collaboratively resolving disputes. He finds creative solutions that are not possible in a courtroom. With mediation, Mr. Waterfill helps clients take control of their cases and work toward the outcomes they seek. His Plainfield office has facilities to manage mediations in a comfortable environment.

Talk To A Lawyer In A Consultation

Mr. Waterfill welcomes alternative fees for both businesses and individuals. He works with clients to create a fair fee structure that accomplishes their goals. To set up a consultation, call 317-759-1162 or email us.

A Capable Employment Attorney For Central Indiana

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